The Rainmaker by John Grisham

The RainmakerThe Rainmaker by John Grisham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one was a pleasant surprise. It took me sometime to go through it but it was worth it. The book is interesting to read and quite amusing at times, despite the grave issues that are tackled here.

You see the workings of the insurance companies in a completely new light and so too the life of lawyers. Not that it would lead people to love or hate them anymore than they presently do but definitely respect them more for their hard work, the time and energy they invest in defending their clients, no matter who they may be.

Our protagonists Rudy Baylor is such a an average guy yet still manages many moments of genius that will make the reader marvel at him and begin to expect great things of him. His work relationship with Deck is almost pitiable. One tends to feel sorry for Deck and wish for an easier life for him. Not that he is innocent, rather a very sharp fellow. Weird off course but complex nevertheless.

The skirmishes between lawyers and judges are outright hilarious and quite enjoyable. The fate of Donny Ray is the crux of the story and keeps the reader glued in. Will he get justice – is the ultimate question.

The closing of the story did not quite work for me. While many would be happy with Rudy’s decision – me … well i didn’t like it and felt that it was all such a waste. With the previous emphasis on the struggles involved and how difficult it all was – to simply walk away was a bit disappointing.

Overall a good book.

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A Time to Kill By John Grisham

A Time to KillA Time to Kill by John Grisham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I saw the movie a long time ago and had always wanted to read the book. Finally I got my chance and I really enjoyed going through it. This is a very emotionally intense and engaging storyline. It keeps you glued in from the start to the finish. The rich courtroom drama keeps the excitement live. The storyline – a father seeking revenge on those who wronged his daughter – may sound to be a simple story; but trust me it is anything but that. It surpasses all your expectations.

John G. shows how a crime tends to touch so many people and alter the course of their lives. He highlights many aspects of our society – crime, justice, racism, poverty, politics, religion, our value systems, the essence and struggles of a normal family, personal vendettas and the thirst for power and attention in people. He shows the naivety of the media and how susceptible it is to manipulation and misinformation. Everything is intertwined and the plight of one family would not only become a spectacle for the entire nation but would bring into focus some serious issues that had been swept under the rug.

Reading this book, you will find yourself overwhelmed by Carl Lee’s struggles. While being horrified at the action of men, you will question the judicial system that protects all.

A very touching story; would recommend it to everyone.

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