The Other World

A quick little post to share with everyone.

My deviation – ‘The Other World‘ was declared one of the winners of the Halloween Contest hosted by Selunia on

The Other World ©2012 ~ssimon14


We were supposed to  create a deviation using any three of the stocks provided by her. I used her pics of a cat (tiny thing in the center of the vortex), the setting sun sky and the buildings along with pics provided by others.  Thanks to all the stock providers for some wonderful pictures. Credit details are given here.

Some new creations are also there in my gallery. You can click here to see them.

Hope you like them too. 🙂

Thank you for all your support. 🙂



Winning My First Halloween Contest

For those that may have wondered where I disappeared to, well, between reading new books, writing and irritating my younger sister (not necessarily in that order of preference) I have also been trying my hand at learning new things. And I  am happy to say that I have  surprised even myself with the things that I can do.

As you know that after getting inspired and much encouraged by Mel, I had joined It’s an awesome platform to meet some amazing artists and get the opportunity to see their brilliant, jaw-dropping (literally) art. You can learn so much from these people and they are kind enough to share their skills with novices (like me). Picking up tricks through various tutorials and after a lot of hit and trials, I managed to put up some photo-manipulation works along with some of my older creations there. Got wonderful response from others, that was so encouraging and motivating.

Yesterday I got a note from Jeff @~glassthroughskin that my submission to his Halloween contest has been declared the first winner. I ‘ve never been more excited and thrilled (even did the jiggy-wiggy dance). The contest required deviations to be made using textures created by him. It sure was a lot of fun and quite a learning experience.

Well here it is the winning entry. It’s called Fright Night. Hope you all like it.

Thanks to all the talented deviants whose stock made this possible.  Be sure to check out the work of ~glassthroughskin , ~Enchantedgal-Stock , Obsidian Dawn , GRANNYSATTICSTOCKsagacious and AlaskaStock. You’ll truly be amazed by what you find there.

Fright Night

If you like you can visit my gallery here and check out some of my work there. I am still learning and trying my luck at different contests as they offer exciting challenges that help to stretch my imagination and give me a chance to try out something new.

I am also keeping my fingers crossed for another of my submission for the Halloween Fairy contest by Digital Wings Art Group . This one is called The Summoning.

The Summoning

This was created with stocks and tuts from almost 12 deviants. For detailed credits please click here.

Before I close, a heartfelt thanks to Mel for all the wonderful comments and sharing the links to some terrific tuts. They helped a lot.


Keep a look out for more. Take Care!

🙂 🙂