Book Review: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

ArrangedArranged by Catherine McKenzie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Arranged” is a lovely, light-hearted romantic drama. The protagonist Ann Blythe has been in several disappointing relationships that have left her disheartened and sad. In search of a meaningful relationship, she takes a chance and approaches what she thinks to be a dating company only to find it’s anything but. Soon Anne finds herself on a journey, an adventure of a lifetime. Would she find the happiness she is looking for? Is it possible to find love ‘arranged’ by someone else?

I found Catherine’s writing style very refreshing and comforting. She weaves a most endearing romantic drama that is fun to read and thoroughly enjoyable. I know not everyone is comfortable with the concept of arranged marriages, but having grown in a culture where it is well-practiced, I liked the respect Catherine gives to it and how gently she handles the subject. The story is interesting and flows effortlessly. The characters are well crafted and seem familiar.

Do give it a shot; it definitely is worth the time and money.

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