Book Giveaway: Dumah’s Demons by Ami Blackwelder

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Dumah’s Demons by Ami Blackwelder

The book is an accompaniment to She Speaks to Angels, An Angel Thriller.

After Dumah and her brother Kian leave the orphanage, they find themselves on the streets of NY. Follow Dumah and find out why she and Kian split off in different directions as we trace her steps into the underworld.

Follow her journey in the books She Speaks to Angels, Falling Angels, and Angel Codes.



“Where are you Kian?” I shouted as sweat from my attacker slid down his crunched hairy knuckles and over my purpled lips. He punched me one last time before standing. Salty. I heaved, but couldn’t get enough breath to feel alive again.

His rusty smell lingered in the air, in my nostrils, on my skin. Hearing the hard clank of his boots pound away from me rang in my ears. He would always be a part of me now. He got inside of me – so deep inside of me that I could never forget his violation.

“Kian?” I shivered. Even my brother couldn’t rescue me. I lay alone in the dark, in the alley somewhere in Manhattan, as one eye which hadn’t swollen watched the gang that attacked me meander off into the distance. They disappeared in seconds as if they had never come to me – but they had.

Before I fell unconscious I caught a glimpse of Kian twisted on the alley several yards from me.

With his back against the street, his arms lay over his head entangled as if they had tried to grab something before he had been hit. His right leg curled up and over his left. He must have struggled, like me. But he could never understand what I went through, this moment of blood and violence would forever divide us.



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Book Giveaway

Ami will be giving away copies of her book Dumah’s Demons. To win a copy for yourself, enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter link below. 

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Or you could just visit her  blog post here  – Leave your name and contact details in the comments. Random winner would be picked by the author.

Happy Reading!!!!




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