Book Review: Amreekandesi – Masters of America by Atulya Mahajan

Amreekandesi - Masters of AmericaAmreekandesi – Masters of America by Atulya Mahajan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have given this book two stars – not that it is bad, but because there is scope for a lot of improvement.

There were too many details and explanations that the book could have done without. After a few pages into it, I found myself skipping paras where local (Indian) references were described in detail. I understood the context in which they were being used and didn’t feel the need to read through the character explaining the entire thing.

Chapters with the whole – eating, drinking, sleeping, going to class – activities of the protagonists or some other character, made the first half of the book quite a drag. It seemed to me like a documentary – chronologically recording each and every action and thought of the characters, and not a fiction. It’s only in the later half that the story gets interesting, when you see romance, drama, tragedy and later celebration. I really liked the progression of the story and the growth of the characters in the second half.

Atulya may have been trying to connect with his readers through this story, but I fear that he may not have succeeded well here. Maybe he failed to identify who he was writing for. If it was to reach out only to an Indian audience, he should have removed / reduced some of the descriptions. It would have been more enjoyable. If it’s meant for mass appeal, he might want to rework some of the sections in the book to make it more appealing.

[I received this book in exchange for an honest review]

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