Leonardo da Vinci’s Machines in Motion


I had some free time today so I went to a da Vinci exhibit at a local museum while I had the opportunity. Leonardo da Vinci’s Machines in Motion has been at the Elliott Museum in Stuart, Florida all summer and leaves September 2 for Houston. So I didn’t even have to be in Italy for a little da Vinci culture today.

Although da Vinci is most famous for his sculptures and paintings, he was also an architect, engineer, mathematician, cartographer, anatomy expert, musician, and much more. His notebooks full of his drawings of designs and inventions are his legacy. Some say he had over 5,000 drawings.

Machines in Motion is a hands-on display of 40 full-size machine replicas which have been built by scientists and skilled craftsmen from Florence, Italy.

DSCN2274 (594x800)

They were created directly from da Vinci’s s designs and drawings; copies of some of these are also on…

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