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Today I have with me guest blogger – Stephen C. Ormsby.  Stephen was an IT professional for twenty years before deciding to lead a more creative life. He always loved the idea of writing novels and had written four when ‘Long Lost Song’ came along, demanding to be published. His second novel ‘Pendant: The Undead Hunters (book 1)’ has recently been published by GMTA Publishing. ‘Road to Hell’ a novelette, is a prequel for The Undead Hunters series. 

Stephen is busy writing sequels for both Long Lost Song and Pendant, as well as working on a fantasy series. He is also currently editing two anthologies of Australian authors with the first to be published August 30, 2013.

He lives in South Gippsland with his wife, two children and a mad cat. He has traveled extensively, is an avid reader and enjoys listening to a wide range of music.


Why Write Horror ?

by Stephen C. Ormsby


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So, after writing the urban fantasy novel Long Lost Song, why did I decide to write a horror novel?  For me, I found Long Lost Song hard to categorise into just one genre, as it has supernatural and apocalyptic themes as well, but was not either of those by nature. In the end, I decided to call it urban fantasy.  From there, it was a challenge to me really, as I wanted to learn how to write more strictly in specific genres, and the first two I picked were horror and fantasy. 

Both genres I have read and enjoyed for lots of years, and I wanted to see if I could turn out something that would excite me.  Names like Graham Masterton, James Herbert and Chet Williamson thrilled me as a younger man, and I wanted to know if I was capable of the same level of thrill.

I asked a good friend and fellow author Sharon Lee Johnson whether she would give me some tips on what makes a good horror novel.  After a couple of great discussions, an idea started to form and then it really took over from there.

Find it on Amazon!

Pendant was such a consuming story line that the first draft took only 22 days to write.  It literally burnt through me, wanting to be out.  I didn’t mind that much, as Conrad/Varnok is a very heavy character to carry around.

As I wrote it though, the ideas kept coming with the protagonist plotting more than one novel in my head.  So far, I have stories for three or four trilogies, which will see the characters go to Hell and come back.  It’s exciting stuff to consider as I get to imagine Hell in my own way.

Varnok has a lot more planned for Maggie and Logan, as this is only the start.  Book 2 of the series is tentatively titled The Aching Gate and begins a story arc that will go for three novels.  There will be frights and scares for all!

I hope you enjoy the first book of The Undead Hunters series and look forward to more, as I am looking forward to writing them.


Thank you Stephen for joining us today. 

If you would like to know more about his works or buy any of his books, please visit Stephen’s author page on Amazon

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