Author Feature: Jason D. Morrow … Read more about his latest work

M.S. Fowle

You may have seen him on Day 3 of the Share The Love Campaign. But I met Jason when he asked me to make the cover art for his next epic series on Amazon.

He already has one successful trilogy available as both e-book and print. You can check out all his books here.

But today we’ll be featuring…

Out of Darkness (The Starborn Saga: Book One)


“Nineteen-year-old Mora is on a mission to save her village from the relentless greyskins, and there is only one man that can help her, Jeremiah of Screven. As she travels the wastelands, she discovers a power within herself, a power she believes no other human possesses. That is, until she meets others like her – the ones who call themselves the Starborn. These super-humans are on a mission also: to destroy the undead greyskins, and take down the greedy Jeremiah…

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