Some Interesting Books

The holiday season is probably the best time for all book lovers. There are so many new releases available, especially books that go with the season’s flavor, waiting to be discovered. Many are by seasoned authors and many others are by first time indie authors like me.

I personally love this time because I can bundle myself on the couch or the bed, grab a cup of coffee and read some good books . I  was looking for something different and found these eBooks that seemed interesting and wanted to share these with you.

These are not necessarily free, at least not at the time I was writing this post. But I thought maybe you would want to check them out yourself. There are so many to choose from and I am still trying to shortlist the one that I want to read.


Holiday Season in Melbourne by Melbourne Writers’ Social Group. $1.29 from
The Melbourne Writers’ Social Group brings you a collection of short stories about Melbourne in December—a time for sun, surf, celebration, decoration, family gatherings, and reflection. Whether you enjoy the funny, fantastic, romantic, horrific, surreal, or sublime, at least one of these short stories is certain to entertain as you discover and explore Australia’s City of Literature.

The Christmas Waltz by Connie Keenan. $0.99 from
Thirty years have passed since music teacher June Sheppard’s fiance died in the war. Yet on a snowy day in 1962, while conducting the school choir at a Christmas concert in the park, she sees Paul Everett again–just a face in the crowd. Not one to believe in ghosts, she’s nonetheless haunted by dreams of long ago and a love that has never been forgotten by her…or Paul.


The Purloined Boy: The Weirdling Cycle, Book 1 by Mortimus Clay. $1.99 from
The Purloined Boy, the multiple-award winning book by Mortimus Clay, is a work of fantasy literature for young adults. It could be described as R. L. Stine meets Plato. It begins with the question, Where do all those children on the milk cartons go? It provides the answer through the eyes of one of those children, a boy named Trevor Upjohn, the purloined boy.


A Christmas Card for Wayne by Terry Lee Weekly. $3.99 from
In Iraq, a soldier is desperately tired of the hazard and hardships of the occupation. Unexpectedly, he escapes to the American frontier in 1876 where he finds … hazard and hardships. Will the tender love of a good woman and the urgent need to exercise his leadership and military training cure his psychological problems? Would you like to read and find out?


The Land of the Living: Christmas Stories by Chuck Allen.  Free from
A collection of five flash-fiction stories based on a theme of Christmas songs. Story titles: Silent Night, The Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells, White Christmas and O Christmas Tree.



Will share more, if I find some promising ones. Happy Reading! 🙂


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