Life of Pi – Awesome movie.

After a very long time, I was able to convince my parents to go see a movie with me. My mom was more receptive to the idea than my dad, who, if you’ve seen some of our Hindi movies would probably understand, hates to have to stay in one place and endure all that for hours. Plus his knees trouble him a lot with all that sitting. So as you can imagine, lot of drama ensued and after quite a bit of pleading from my side, they were ready to go and we reached just in time to get the tickets, before the show started. I have to say, I am glad we did go because it was worth all that effort. 

Life of Pi (3D) was quite a mesmerizing experience for all of us. The story is very simple — a a young boy is lost at sea – but the depiction of his whole journey, his struggles, was just so touching and enthralling that you can’t help but sit throughout the movie with your mouth open and have an occasional tear roll down your cheek.

Ang Lee has done a fantastic job in creating a whole new world before our eyes. Every scene captivates you with its rich color and celebration of life.  Even the digitized scenes, seem more real than actually possible. Pi is a smart, intelligent, inquisitive and a determined young man and you will loose yourself in his world.

The movie was exciting, entertaining and yet heart wrenching. All the actors have done a great job.  Irrfan Khan as senior Pi was believable, likeable. Having seen him in some very good Hindi movies, it was quite a pleasure seeing him in this one too. Tabu is a darling. She has given Indian cinema some really good movies and paints a good picture of the loving, endearing Indian mother.  Of course, how can one forget Suraj Sharma? For a debutant, he’s really good and has portrayed Pi with conviction.

If the movie is running in the theatres near you, please go and see it, with your family. The visual appeal of the movie is so immense that you will not be disappointed. Rather you’ll just end up wanting for more. I know I have.

5 stars from me for Life of Pi.


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