Book Review – “Mirror Bound” by Leanne Herrera

I know I am way behind in meeting my Goodreads Reading Challenge, but I am not giving up. 🙂 I am trying to read as many books I possibly can, in whatever time I can squeeze out of my work. Mirror Bound is one such attempt that thankfully, has been successfully accomplished.

I received this e-book as part of a book promotion, in exchange for a review. Though there were many books on my to-read list still I went ahead with this one first as I just did the author feature and it made sense to follow it with a review. Well as promised, I have read it, actually liked it and so am reviewing it now. Here it is…

Mirror Bound” by Leanne Herrera

Book Summary: She came home to settle her great grandmothers affairs and figure out her own life. Finding out that her grandmother left her everything including magic powers she forgot to unbind before her death. Anna finds someone to love amidst the war against the woman that was supposed to love her and her twin sister. The mother goddess helps her gain her magic. Can Anna stop her mother before her mother stops her?


My Review:

I found this to be a good book with both +ve as well as -ve points. Honestly, it is readable and quite enjoyable too. The story maintains a steady pace throughout and the element of magic and mystery keep the interest levels up.

The book is written from Anna’s perspective and it starts off quite smoothly.  However, in the first few pages I felt that there was some confusion between who’s Ma — the mother or the grandmother or great grandmother. It’s only later that things get sorted out. The introduction of John spices things up. But I actually could not come to terms with the ease with which Anna accepts that her Ma is a witch and she too has powers as did her sister. I mean, I would probably have freaked out if a stranger, whom I’ve just met, tells me that my loved one had such a big secret. This section should have been a bit exciting rather than just swim by you. Also the whole ‘I knew what was coming’ attitude of Anna was a bit odd.

Still, I liked reading through the book. The author does a good job in creating a balance between all that is happening and the different characters that appear in the story. As the story progressed, it became more engaging. Anna’s  meeting the Mother Goddess and preparing for the final battle, sure are the highlight of the book.

I would recommend this book to those interested in witches and magic.  I am sure that they will like it.

I give this book 3 stars out of 5.



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