The week gone by

My comp broke down last Sunday and after a whole week of just sulking round the house, it feels good to have it up and running again.

Honestly, I had never realized that I would feel so incomplete without it. I would wait for my sis to come back from work in the evening, so that I could at least check my emails and blog on her laptop.  But not having access to my work and books was difficult to handle.

The one good thing that came out of it was, that I got quite a few ideas for new books and was able to resume writing on my WIP that had been sitting on my bedside table for quite some time now. Since I am more of a paper and pen kind of person, I now have  a bundle of sheets to digitize. However, the way things are going I should have the first draft ready by end of the year; though I am still not sure if I want to bring it out as one novel or break it off into three different ones. Let’s see how it goes.

Other things are also underfoot.

Missing Mandy is on the editing table and should be revised soon <<fingers crossed on that>>

Much inspired by our Mel, I started an account on I tried to dabble with a few things; you can check them here. I am currently in the process of putting up some of my previous work there. Choosing the right ones, of course, is the difficult task. Would share with all of you soon 🙂

I have also started checking psd tuts to learn digital art, esp photo-manipulation. There is a lot to learn there and at times it’s quite overwhelming. But my motto still remains – Keep Going! You never know what new things you discover.

My ‘to-read’ list of books that I have to review is getting longer and longer. It is pretty clear that I may not be able to complete my Goodreads 2012 reading challenge of 100 books (seriously, I can’t believe where all that time went). I have just not been able to come around and get on with them. Tough part is to keep myself from getting tempted and picking up new books, but there’s just so much good work coming in[sigh]. But I am still going to try and get a few of the books in backlog cleared by the end of October. Already posted three reviews on Goodreads. If you like, do check them out.

Phewwww……It feels good to get all that out of my system. Be ready for more to follow…soon. :):)



4 thoughts on “The week gone by

  1. Holy crap – I go NUTS without my computer. It’s kind of sad how “dependent” on technology we are. So glad you feel complete again. 😉
    And YAY for Deviantart – my online home away from my blog. lol Can’t wait to see more of you artwork, Shirley! And best of luck with the editing.

  2. I would be lost without my computers (I have three of them). Now you have to play catch up. Good luck with the editing. It’s the toughest part of writing for me. Mel IS an inspiration, as are you… well, all of the people I’ve met who are so talented and do so much.

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