Day to bake

A rainy day, an unwell sister — perfect day to dabble in the art of cooking. And we (mom and sis) decided we need to bake a cake. Nothing like a cake to boost your mood, right!

Well, I’ve tried the instant cake mix options several times and they have come out really well. But then if you’re using cake mixes then they say that it’s not really baking… so we got all the ingredients together and baked our cake. Actually cakes, because we kind of got little excited with the portions and then had a bit extra left with us. We experimented using muesli as the cake topping,  which did turn out different from what we had expected.  But nevertheless, Ladies and Gentlemen – presenting the Muesli Crunch Vanilla Cake….. 🙂

I know … It’s not perfect and it did kind of go flat in the middle but it was cooked and did taste good. Plus  we managed to eat away half of it in a single shot.

So I am pretty satisfied. Better failed than having never tried, I guess.  🙂



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