Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Pet SemataryPet Sematary by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Stephen King stated that Pet Sematary was possibly his scariest work till date, he wasn’t kidding. Believe me, it is.

Pet Sematary is the kind of story that settles in your subconscious, coming back to you night after night; haunting your dreams and making you cry out even in your sleep. Out of the few of King’s works that I have read, I found him more intensely involved in this one. There is too much depth of thought. King is at his best explaining fear and evil, examining the human psyche and how there is a thin line between sanity and insanity, between being aware of the power and seeking it out to embrace it.

There this overbearing presence of evil throughout and with every line you start expecting something to just jump out. There may be those who might not agree with me here, but Pet Sematary is definitely a day book — you read it during the day and keep it aside at night. Just don’t touch it.

The story moves ever so slowly into the unknown. Louise Creed is over his head here. He knows it and yet he can’t stop himself. The presence of the cat as sentry of the underworld is evidence of the doom that is ready to walk out through the Pet Sematary into the human world. One wrong decision and everything is destroyed. There is no turning back. Some are lucky to escape.

Off course, there are sections that you may not like. At times the characters are reminiscing too much and it stretches beyond a point of holding your interest. I did often get distracted and honestly skipped couple of paragraphs here and there. But the book is definitely worth reading and I would recommend it to others too.

Death is real and so is the desire to being your loved ones back from the other world. Pet Sematary is not so much about the cemetery itself but of the world beyond that it stands guard before, serving as a sign that reads – ‘don’t venture beyond this point.’

You enter at your own risk.

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7 thoughts on “Pet Sematary by Stephen King

  1. i loved this book but was so disappointed when I watched the film it was actually when I decided not to watch stephen king films if i had enjoyed the books

    1. I agree… they just lack the vision needed to make a film on SK’s work. Just sticking to the words from the book only makes for a crap movie. Reading the book is by far more enjoyable that going through so much of visual pain.

    1. I too am new to King’s work and must have read some 5 or 6 books only. 🙂 He is really good. Though not everything in his books is likable but his stories and the concepts are unbeatable.

    1. 🙂 I don’t know whether it’s a good sign or not, but I just love his work. Each book brings a surprise element and makes you wonder – how come you never thought of that ever happening?

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