Here I Am!

Coming back to WP after such a long time was exciting. Some time back, I had tried to check in as often as possible but was not quite able to. I managed to do so today, but now I am not too sure what to write about. So I just share here how things have been…

It’s been a hectic month and I just don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. There was lot of stuff happening back home – due assignments, dad’s surgery, a halfway done book, a pile of books to be read and reviewed. I am sorry to admit but some of the things are still in the same place as they were last month.

Dad had his surgery last week and the hospital visits kept us busy for quite a few days. Now he is back home, resting and I am trying to get my things in order.

My work assignment was done and delivered. Am just waiting for a revert from the client to see if everything is fine. My second book, sadly is still sitting there, waiting for me to  pick up my pen and give it some structure and semblance of a flowing story. Ughhhh 😦 … I hate to admit it but I am totally lost. An important character on whose action the story will unfold, is not ready to cooperate 🙂 He is engaging in an act of peek -a – boo and frankly, I am just getting frustrated. And while I am waiting for him to come around, someone else walked into my thoughts and I think I might just decide to tell his story first. We’ll see…

My first book, unfortunately is not picking up. Yet another reviewer, felt that there were mistakes in there. I guess not being a native English speaker, tends to hinder how you put down your thoughts into written word. Then, there is always the problem of choosing between US English or UK English while writing. I just wish all those who have the book could just let me know if they at least like the story. That could be a bit reassuring. Anyways I do hope to get back to editing it sometime soon, hopefully after I am done with my second book << fingers crossed>>. I might also have to change the cover. Let’s see how it works out. I just can’t afford professionals right now. Hopefully the future would be a bit brighter.

I am terrified of the number of books that are waiting to be reviewed – both hard copies and e-books and just thinking of it makes me tense. Currently I am reading Wicked Sinners by Charity Parkerson and I think I would be completing it by end of today or early tomorrow, hopefully. Review to follow soon after.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mel , Easyondeyes and Paula Acton for being kind enough to nominate my blog for awards. Mel had nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award, while  Easyondeyes and Paula have honored me with the One Lovely Blog and the Moonlight Blogger Award. Thank you all, for the honors. Forgive me for not complying with the rules of the nominations. Its just that I am so late in finally taking time and acknowledging the nominations. I just would like to say to anyone who might be reading this that if I like your blogs and follow you, that’s because your words inspire me, I like to know more about you and I sincerely hope that God continues to bless you and keep you safe and happy.

Keep Smiling!!!! 🙂


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