So much to do … so little time :)


I didn’t check my blog for a few days ( ok for more than few days) and then I thought-  ‘Oh! I will just catch up on all the blogs in a day. Read them, like some,  comment on others, write my own.’  Sounds so easy. Little did I think that I would come back to such a huge task that it would have me sweating and banging my head on the wall. Why can’t I be a bit more regular? 😦

There are some amazing articles that have to be read. Poems that can make you reminisce of time gone by and of your own crazy ways. Amazing pics. Giveaways that remind you that you have still not started reading that book (Bad Shirley!) Nominations that have you gushing and patting yourself on the back. (I did that twice or thrice) People to thank for their generosity. Especially Mel and Paula – thanks for the nominations and I will be posting on it very soon. Some knock-out reviews – movie and books alike – I have most of them in my – to-read and to-watch lists. Phewww……

Oh dear ! How am I to get this all done?

Breathe Shirley… just breathe… and now let’s begin….



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