Venus in Transit

Had some fun yesterday. We all were able to witness a spectacular event – amidst a cloudy sky we saw Venus as it moved across the sun in the morning.

There had been lot in the news about it in the past few days  so we had been hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of the same. We got up early in the morning to go see it. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the planetarium so we instead watched the spectacle from our balcony. Off course we didn’t have proper equipment but since this was quite a once in-a-lifetime opportunity, none of us really wanted to miss it. So we used old X-ray films over the lens of our binocular and caught the gorgeous sight. Not very satisfactory but still it was good. A bit risky too but definitely worth it.

Venus could be seen as a small dark dot moving over the pale morning sun. Since the next such sighting was going to come only after a period of some 105 years, that is sometime in 2117,  I felt really privileged to be able to see it.


4 thoughts on “Venus in Transit

    1. I believe so. We humans have a tendency of riding a high horse and believing that we are invincible. Then God pulls out something unique from his hat and puts us right in our place. 🙂

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