Oh Wow! I am an inspiring blogger!


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read my name listed along with that of 6 prolific bloggers. I stared at my own name for a good 10 seconds, before it really sank in. Then I got up and did a little jig. Wow! I am an inspiring blogger! How cool is that?

Like a kid I called out to my mother, to give her the good news. Like any other mother on the planet, she was proud; off course without any idea of what I write. But that’s ok. It’s an awesome feeling to think that someone out there finds your thoughts and your written word inspiring. And I would like to thank M. S. Fowle for the honor. She is a young mother, who manages to juggle her home and her work with élan. I have recently read and reviewed a short story “Nora’s Sun” written by her and I have to say she is a fantastic writer.

I further would like to nominate 7 fellow bloggers who share their thoughts and continue to inspire me to not only be a better person but also a better writer. Kudos to you all!

1. M.S. Fowle – She writes simple yet interesting blogs. Winner of the Versatile Blogger Award, she keeps you hooked and makes you keep coming back for more.

2. easyondeyes – Sharmistha and Sapna give some very straight and honest book reviews – which never let you down. Their interesting, engaging and off course hilarious blog posts are fun to follow.

3. poetryofamadmanfor sharing some amazing pictures and how can you even miss his poems. Very inspiring.

4. margieinitaly – A freelance writer and photographer, Margie manages to capture some beautiful glimpses of Italy. She inspires as she brings a little piece of Italy for everyone in each of her posts. I just love her pics – she has a really good eye.

5.  Paula Acton – A mother, a writer, while juggling through multiple tasks in her ever busy life, she still takes time out to share her thoughts, memories and inspirations alike.

6. Diy+fyi creatively created – Christine is really talented, making some beautiful pieces of art and craft. She shares some of her awesome creations which always remind me of the stuff that my sister and I used to make as kids for our friends and family. Love her work.

7. T.W. Dittmer – He is a self publishing author and writes some really soul searching blog posts that make you stop and think. He is always encouraging others.

And here’s some stuff about me:

– I am crazy about movies and can sit through hours of screening both in theatres and at home.

– I find it difficult to go through hardcore romance stories and haven’t read even some of the best ones out there. (eg ‘Gone with the Wind’)

– I am an average driver. And I hate parallel parking.

– I tend to chew my lips when I am nervous. (yeah … I go crazy with each review of my book)

– My nose is huge and I try to avoid getting clicked in poses that tend to accentuate it.

– I am guilty of being late in reviewing several books shared by some really talented writers out there. I have promised myself to finish them in the coming months. <<fingers-crossed>>

– I have a good collection of nail paint and I keep changing my nail color every week.

Big thanks to everyone out there for sharing a piece of their life everyday and inspiring me to work hard and keep striving for excellence.

Love to all.

🙂 Keep Smiling!!!


Rules of the award:
1.) Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog.
2.) Tell them 7 things about yourself.
3.) Nominate 7 other blogs for the award.


9 thoughts on “Oh Wow! I am an inspiring blogger!”

  1. Aw – you’re so sweet! Congrats and thank you! (I don’t think I can make another post about receiving the same award, but I thank you for the mention.)


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