‘Missing Mandy’ – eBook Giveaway

Nothing can be more embarrassing to admit, than the fact that there are errors in your book. Yes, quite a few had crept into my e-Book ‘Missing Mandy’. I deeply regret that readers had to go through such writing.

I am happy to announce that these errors have been corrected and the revised version of my e-Book ‘Missing Mandy’ is now available for download. I would like to thank Andrea for bringing up the issue and I sincerely hope that I have tackled all that were there. I would request those who have got their copies previously, to download the new revised version.

For those who may be interested in reading the book, I am giving it out for free till May 5, 2012. If you would like to get a copy for yourself, just leave your email address below and I will send across a Smashwords coupon to you. You can download the book in the format of your choice.

(Please be assured that I will not use your email to contact you other than for the above stated purpose)

A short summary is given here for you:


 Missing Mandy

By Shirley S. Simon

 Danny arrives in Ankleton to get away from his past life and start anew. But there’s no peace for him here. He is haunted by apparitions, nightmares and strange noises in the basement of his house. And what’s with the smell of oranges? Would be ever be able to solve this mystery?

There is someone locked up in a dark room. The walls and floor are spattered with blood. The torture continues. Will the cry for help be heard by anyone? Will there be a way out of this hell?
Happy Reading!


32 thoughts on “‘Missing Mandy’ – eBook Giveaway

  1. my email address is jeanz@btinternet.com and I would like to add your book to my read and review pile.
    Also please don’t beat yourself up as a read n review blogger I read many “finished” books that have errors in them I have even spotted errors in printed bought books so it does happen. the reader should be so engrossed in your book that they have the ability to gloss over minor mistakes x

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