After reading ‘salem’s Lot’ I have to say that I don’t enough words to describe my feelings regarding this book. For someone like me, who read Bram Stoker’s Dracula and loved it so much, ‘salem’s lot’ brings forth an entirely different world of vampires.

We walk through ‘salem through the eyes of the novelist Ben Mears. His past haunts him and we see him return to a town that he left as a child, to seek some relief. Yet, as we go on to read, we will see that he will find none and only end up loosing everything.

Here the sophisticated and suave Count Dracula is succeeded by someone far more cunning and ruthless – Barlow. Through almost half of the book, Barlow exists in the periphery- slinking away in the darkness. And yet he overshadows everything happening in the book. The evil that comes and resides here in ‘salem and that feeds and grows on the corruption of the human soul, is far more terrifying and alive than anything one has ever come across before.

Its a battle of good vs. evil, where the good fights a loosing battle and there are no winners in the end. While good tries to wipe out evil, it never succeeds. Evil only retreats and hides, and attacking again when good is at its most vulnerable.

There are very real characters here, living very real lives and when evil comes knocking on their doors, their doom is so inevitable that the reader is not surprised and rather takes it in their stride. And eagerly anticipates the fall of the next resident of ‘salem.

The story is a fast paced, nail-biting thriller and just plain terrifying. The way the incidents proceed the anxiety increases manifolds, till the reader is so absorbed with the story that it gets devoured in a flash.

I do confess, I have only recently started showing interest in King’s work. This must be my third book but I am glad to say that I am hooked. I am resolved to read as many of his books this year as possible and hopefully in order of their publication.

For all supernatural or vampire fiction fans, I would highly recommend ‘salem’s lot. It is a very interesting take on Bram stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and you would love every page of it. It is interesting and engaging.



  1. I’ve been a big King fan for a long time. You’d probably like Dean Koontz too. I think he draws a more definable line between good and evil, which is refreshing at times.

  2. Salem’s Lot was one of my favorite King novels – it brought about my love for science fiction and horror. King has plenty of great works to choose from, so you’re definitely in for a treat. 😉

    1. Hi. Thanks for checking my post. It’s good to know that you too loved the book. I sometimes wonder, how does all that stuff come to him. I have a few of his works lined up with me that i hope to read soon – Misery, Pet semetary, Under the Dome.

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