Addicted to games on facebook

In past few weeks i have come to realize that i have become seriously addicted. And this addiction is becoming quite dangerous i feel. Not a day goes by that i am not logged in and playing my favourite games — whether it is frontierville or cityville, or any other. My parents, rather my mother, spends her entire day trying to get me off my PC. But then also not much success there achieved. People like facebook because they get in touch with their dear ones or long lost friends. They like to post every single passing moment of their life and tell the world about it.. so to speak. Some like to befriend people from other countries so that they may learn about new cultures and way of life,,make new friends. Yes that may hold true for me too . Except for the posting every detail of my life. That really doesnt agree with me.

Facebook opened a whole new world for me. I loved to play PC games .. have quite a few on my desktop and am also a member of Gamehouse from where i download some time and again. What i don’t like about online games is, that there is no continuity in them and you have to start afresh every time you log in. However, this problem was solved for me by facebook .. esp zynga games. Now the sky is the limit. I am trying to control the habit, but the anticipation and anxiety of what new task may have come in , how many gifts have i received and if they’ll expire if i dont collect them.. what level has my friend reached .. all these thoughts keep going in the mind and then i rush to log in.

I think unplugging the PC and throwing away the cable may help. One of these days… hmm but for now back to collecting my gifts 🙂


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